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Car Maintenance Tips

How to avoid rust in your car

Rust can mean a lot of damage for the body work and the resale value of your vehicle. It can also compromise the structural integrity of your car and make it less safe to drive. The good news is rust is totally preventable. Follow our top tips to stop rust becoming a problem on your car! 

Where to look? 

There are a few main areas of a car where rust is more common and these can be difficult to spot. This means you must make sure to check these areas regularly. Follow our diagram below for the most likely places you will find rust on your car. 


Make sure to keep the body and underside of your car clean of the road grime, salts, and dirt that lead to corrosion. Make a habit of stopping off at the car wash on your way home from work. If you prefer to do it yourself to save money, use it as an excuse to get outside for some fresh air. The drain holes along the bottoms of doors and rocker panels allow rainwater to flow out and keep the nooks and crannies dry. So make sure to clear these out too. Giving your car regular washes is also a great opportunity to give a quick check over for any damage or corrosion.



The best way to stop rust is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. One way, as we’ve already mentioned, is to keep it clean. Another is to go one step further and treat your car to a paint work protecting treatment. This will keep your car protected from damage, corrosion and scratches as well as keeping it shiny and looking it’s best.


Act Quickly

What to do when you do spot it? Small patches of rust are likely to occur naturally, but if you act fast they shouldn’t have to be an issue. Just like a chip in a windshield, rust will only become a bigger problem the longer you leave it. Surface rust can usually be repaired easily at home and is a similar method to general paint repair. Cut through the paint and corrosion until clean, bright metal is visible with an abrasive wheel or sandpaper, apply primer and then paint and finish with clear coat. Anything that looks more serious, you should bring to a qualified garage to stop the problem getting any worse.

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