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Raising Awareness for Road Safety Week

Raising Awareness - Road Safety Week 15th – 21st November 2021


Why are we talking about Road Safety?

This week (15th- 21st November 2021) we are spreading awareness of the amazing work of local and global charities that provide advice and tools to help raise awareness for road safety. Being Road Safe affects everyone from young drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and their families. With the run up to Christmas and busier road usage it’s important for everyone to get involved and raise awareness to help keep our communities safe.


Our Road Safety Heroes

Road Safety Heroes can come from anywhere! From your local school crossing patrol officer, community campaigners to the response teams of the emergency services. We appreciate the work that all Road Safety Heroes do for our communities and at SERE Motors we want to say a special THANK YOU to our own Road Safety Heroes.



Our technicians and aftersales service teams work tirelessly to provide high standard care and attention on your vehicles to ensure they are safe for you and your families.


What can we do to stay safe on the road?

Vehicle Maintenance – regular maintenance by an approved service center and technician is essential to maintain the safety of your vehicle. Safe vehicles are an important part of safe systems to prevent serious injury.

Road Conditions – Over-taking, when you do not have a clear view and driving too close, is dangerous particularly in bad weather. Count the seconds between you and the car in front! It should be at least 2 seconds in good weather and double that in bad weather.

Eyesight – You must be able to read the number of the vehicle from 20.5m away. If you cannot you should have your eyes tested before driving. Otherwise, you are breaking the law.

Lights and Tyres – If you are driving the vehicle it is your responsibility to check the lights and tyres. Not only are defective lights and worn tyres dangerous, it is also an offense to drive with them.

Head Restraints – There are 250,000 cases of whiplash every year- damaging necks and backs and leading to the time of work. Check the position of the head restraints before you drive off.

Seat belts- it may sound like a given but seat belts are one the most simplest and most important features for protecting vehicle occupants. In the UK, wearing a seat belt is a legal requirement if belts are fitted and drivers are responsible for children under 14 being in a restraint appropriate to their age and height.

Speed Limits – Always drive within the speed limit, keeping a lookout for pedestrians, cyclists and bikers. Speeding to save a few extra minutes is not worth it – it is you that will pay the price, not your employer.

Drinking and Driving – Never risk driving after drinking or taking drugs, Even if a few hours have passed since your last drink, you may still be over the limit and at increased risk. Do not underestimate the effects of drinking, even if you have had a sleep. Be aware of any side effects that may affect your ability to drive if you are on any kind of medication.

Mobile phone use – Ensure that your mobile is switched off. Drivers using any kind of mobile phone (handheld or hands-free) have much slower reaction times than those who drive under the influence of alcohol. In fact, you are 4 times more likely to crash if you are using a mobile whilst driving.

Tiredness – Never drive when you are tired, this is a major cause of accidents on roads. On a long drive you should at least take one 15 minute rest every 2 hours.

Distraction – It is easy to become distracted and “Switch-off” when you are driving. Do not try to multi-task for instance, smoking whilst driving and if you have passengers, ensure that they do not distract you.

Plan Safer Journeys – ensure that journey plans include time and places to stop and rest and refreshment, and to check messages and return calls.


What resources are available to help our families?


Community campaigners do their upmost to provide vital information to local communities through schools, community centers and running national campaigns to highlight the importance of road safety and where you can find out the valuable information needed to contribute to improving road safety in your communities. They can also arrange seminars and training for employees, schools and community groups. You can find the most up-to-date information at:





Look out for our next Blog where we will discuss the safety features now available In modern cars and what SERE Motors will advise you on what to look out for when you are purchasing your new car.

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